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These designs are all hand-drawn, hand-poured, and cut with a small bur to create the image. Each one is created individually for each retainer. The additional cost is about $28 to $60, depending on the complexity of the design.

Your patients may change any of the colors in any of the designs, to suit their personal tastes. They may also add glitter to any design or plain retainer or
acrylic appliance.

And we can create a solid-color retainer/appliance in any of the colors shown within the designs. For instance, if your patient likes the green in the cupcake design, just let us know to use that specific green for the entire retainer.

Summit Ortho's lab techs have been creating these custom designs for about 30 years now...your patients will love the results of our expertise!

custom acrylic retainer designs.jpg

Click the image to
download a
pdf of this
color and
design chart.

glitter heart

tiny hearts




yin yang

city lights

black tie


fuchsia flower

blue daisies

fuchsia daisies

sunny day

starry night



sparkle butterfly



glow bug

fuchsia tiger

green zebra

blue zebra


yellow watermelon

bright tie dye

fuchsia marble

circular bright tie dye

holiday tree

green & brown camouflage

purple polka dots


purple mother of pearl

green mother of pearl

fuchsia mother of pearl

blue mother of pearl

tie-dye mouthguard

yellow mouthguard

black & green mouthguard

purple mouthguard

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