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Summit's custom-formed chin cups are available in high-pull and vertical-pull construction. Either variation can be made with or without spines for arch protraction.
Our chin cups and bonnets are still fabricated to the specifications set forth by Dr. Andrew J. Haas many years ago.

Because these chin cups conform to your patient's individual anatomy, they eliminate common irritation often caused by a "one-size-fits-all" style. And because they cover a much larger portion of your patient's chin, you benefit from added anchorage and stability.


We also make high-pull and vertical-pull bonnets that are designed to easily attach to the chin cups. The bonnets are constructed of soft, sturdy, brown, washable ribbon that's about 1-1/2" wide and padded with a layer of 1/4" foam for added comfort.

                                 Orthopedics vs. Skeletal Open Bite
For the treatment of skeletal open bite, Dr. Andrew J. Haas recommends using headgear consisting of a vertical pull chin cup and bonnet. This headgear combination is capable of exerting heavy (3 to 6 pounds) force to the mandibular base. The effect of such force is similar to that produced by a misused Milwaukee brace.

Haas has often stated that his purpose in using the vertical pull chin cup is to
"1) cause depression of maxillary and mandibular buccal teeth, 2) resulting in
an inhibition of posterior alveolar growth. 3) Further to prevent the downward descent of the maxilla, perhaps to even push the entire maxilla superiorly.
4) Finally, it may even be possible that the morphology of the mandible is affected."

Whichever of these factors occur, either singularly or in multiplicity, the effect is a definite dental and probably skeletal bite closure without the use of vertical elastics.

Haas utilized the vertical pull chin cup in 1) all skeletal open bite cases and most dental open bite cases, and 2) following orthopedic maxillary expansion when the resulting bite opening is undesirable.

Haas has also demonstrated that using the vertical pull chin cup with protraction spines can 1) protract the entire maxilla subsequent to orthopedic maxillary expansion, and 2) protract either or both dental arches during conventional treatment.

In other words, Summit's vertical pull chin cup and bonnet were designed to assist you in making some of your most difficult problems relatively routine. It is recommended that the chin cup and bonnet be worn 12 to 14 hours daily.

Please send a full impression of the chin and lower lip. Be sure to extend the impression about 2" in all directions from the chin button.

High-Pull Chin Cup

Can be made with or without spines for arch protraction. We bend the side wires, which attach to the bonnet, toward mid-ear.
Used to correct mandibular protrusion.

For occipital pull or reverse pull, use a high-pull chin cup with or without protraction spines.


High-Pull Chin Cup w/Spines

According to Dr. Haas, the spines are connected to the first molar buccal hooks on the expansion appliance with elastics.


This protracts the loosened maxilla (after rapid palatal expansion) in as nearly a horizontal position as possible to increase midface convexity, gaining necessary anchorage from the chin.


High-Pull Bonnets

For use with High-Pull Chin Cups.

Generally speaking, the rubber bands which attach the protraction chin cup to the high-pull bonnet should be as light as possible, yet still keep the chin cup in position be counteracting the effect of the intra-oral elastics.

Available in small, medium, large.

Please send us the measurement of the circumference of your patient's head just above the eyebrows, and we'll help you decide which size you need:

20-1/2" to 21" = x-small
21-1/2" = small
22" to 22-1/2" = medium
23" = large
23-1/2" = x-large


Vertical-Pull Bonnets

Use with Vertical-Pull Chin Cups.
This style of bonnet utilizes an elastic strap that's permanently placed in a far forward position to achieve the desired vertical pull for effective force direction.

It is possible, if necessary, to adjust the length of the vertical strap above the neck pad, or even the neck pad itself...simply place a tuck in the appropriate strap and staple.

Please send us the measurement of your patient's head circumference just above the eyebrows to help us determine the correct size:

20-1/2" = size 00
21" = size 0
21-1/2"  = size 1
22" = size 2
22-1/2" = size 3
23" = size 4
23-1/2" = size 5


Vertical-Pull Chin Cup

Can be made with or without spines for arch protraction. We bend the side wires, which attach to the bonnet, toward the outside edge of the eye.
Used to counter skeletal and dental bite opening and move the mandible forward and upward.

According to Dr. Haas, the bonnet and chin cup combination is capable of exerting 3 to 6 pounds of force to the mandibular base.



Vertical-Pull Chin Cup w/Spines

Please read the paragraph above, entitled "Orthopedics vs. Skeletal Open Bite," for a more complete discussion on Dr. Haas' Vertical-Pull Chin Cup therapy protocol.

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