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Did you know that Summit Ortho is the original Haas Rapid Palatal Expander lab?

Beginning in 1961, under the tutelage of Dr. Andrew J. Haas and his brother, Martin Haas, Summit Ortho developed its technical proficiency and grew into a full-service orthodontic lab. Today, we offer many choices for your patients' needs.
Specializing in individualized appliance construction, each technician takes responsibility for making your entire appliance from start to finish. Summit's technicians, many of whom have been with us for about 30 years, encourage ongoing communication with you to facilitate a better patient experience.

Not sure what you need for a particularly challenging case?
Call us to discuss your ideas with a lab tech— they'll help talk you through your idea.

We welcome and expect your modifications to any of our appliances and retainers. Choose your type and placement of clasps. Stainless steel or colboloy wire for the labial bow? Add teeth or an expansion screw. We'll be happy to carve off plaster brackets or reset teeth. Do your patients ask for fun colors and hand-carved designs in the acrylic? We make them all the the link button further down on this page, and just let us know what you need.


You can expect competitive pricing and family-friendly service, quality construction from highly skilled technicians, and a three-to-seven day in-lab turnaround time. And the company owners are always there for you, too. Please don't hesitate to call or email us with your questions or comments.

Let's keep this's what you can expect from us,
and what we'll need from you
to get it right.
At this time, we can only accept actual models and/or digital files.

Please Send Us...

  • An accurate working model which you have inspected for precise anatomical representation, tissue detail, correctly placed bands, and overall exactness.

  • A wax bite when occlusal adjustment in the lab will be required. 

  • A completed prescription blank, including your instructions, signature, and license number. 

  • Correct spelling of your patient's name, along with the appointment date and time, and the date you want the appliance back. 

  • Adequate turnaround time: 3 to 7 days in-lab, plus 2 to 4 days each way for shipping (depends on your distance from Ohio), not including weekends.


We'll Send You...

Please click any category below to view more appliances/retainers.

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