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H Screw (AKA SuperScrew)

The unique telescopic design with a clearly inscribed measurement scale, for fixed maxillary expansion, with or without acrylic. It allows maximum expansion, even in the most narrow mouths.

You activate this screw from the front of the mouth, using a special small hex wrench (included). The spindle is nylon friction coated to prevent back turning.

Made of stainless steel, the H Screws are available in 12mm and 18mm expansion sizes. The directional arrow is stamped on the screw body.

Only bend the legs with a heavy facebow 3-prong plier. Using any other tools may damage the leg joints.

One full revolution of the hex sleeve equals 1mm. One full revolution of the hex sleeve equals 12 activation "swings" of the wrench.

Includes 1 small green hex wrench and very detailed instructions. You may also purchase additional green hex wrenches.

You may also purchase an optional Lock Nut, which enables you to securely lock the appliance after activation. It should be installed prior to appliance fabrication. Keep in mind, though, that using the Lock Nut reduces the expansion capability by 3mm.

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