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Did you know that Summit Orthodontic Services was the brainchild of orthodontist
Dr. Andrew J Haas and his brother, Martin Haas?
Martin ran the company from its inception in 1961 until his death in 1996. Martin's daughters, Andrea and Carla Haas, continue to run Summit Ortho to this day.

Welcome to our website! Summit Orthodontic Services is still a family-owned and operated orthodontic lab and supply company; and we still believe that the customer is always right— bottom line, end of story, period.


Brand names...quantity discounts...fast order processing...a huge selection... operatory and lab supplies and equipment...full-service lab...and family-friendly service. It's everything our customers have come to expect from us since Martin Haas, my father, started this business in 1961.

Here you'll find thousands of products to help you run your orthodontic practice and/or lab. Choose from many innovative items, hard-to-find products, and the everyday standards that have served you well over the years. Please click the
Shop Products link at the top of the page to get started.

Please consider Summit Ortho when choosing an orthodontic lab. Our techs have been with us for over 30 years, and fully understand what it is you need in an appliance or retainer: perfect fit...fast turnaround time...comfort for your patients...on-time delivery...made to your specs. Please click the Lab Services link at the top of the page to get started, view many of our standard appliances/retainers, designs and colors, and to download an appliance Rx.

Our goal has always been to provide you with prompt, courteous, and very personalized service at an affordable price. My sister, Carla Haas, and I are always here to assist you with your questions, concerns, orders, and suggestions. We welcome your phone calls and emails.


All of us here at Summit Ortho thank you for your continued support of our small business...we look forward to serving you today and in the future.


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